We protect the crops of the ground.
It grows out of our tradition.



We are part of the Synthos Capital Group, one of the largest producers of chemical raw materials in Europe.


Our company started its activity in 2014 as a producer of plant protection products and a supplier of modern formulation services.


Our mission is to be close to our customers and share responsibility with them for the quality of the crops. We carry out this mission by providing the best agrochemical solutions for the protection of fruit plantations and agricultural crops.



We offer a wide portfolio of agrochemical solutions with a view to the quality
and size of the crop.

Our products provide full protection of fruit, agricultural and vegetable crops. We ensure the highest quality of crops by providing proven plant protection products to:

Protection of plants
from the very beginning of their growth

Prevention against the action of pathogenic fungi in fruit and agricultural crops

Use against pests during their growth and development

Eliminating weeds

Nourish plants by providing
them with micro and macro elements

Our goal is to integrate all aspects related to protection and fertilization, such as:

  • professional advice
  • trainings allowing clients to enrich their knowledge and learn about new trends in agriculture and horticulture
  • proper warehouse base, fast delivery, efficient sales system
  • punctuality and reliability

Synthos AGRO and responsibility for the environment

Product liability

Our distinguishing feature is responsibility at every stage of the product life cycle – we provide for fruit growers and farmers with effective agrochemical solutions while respecting the natural environment and its resources.

Sustainable development strategy

Together with the Synthos Capital Group, we implement the EVERGREEN sustainable development strategy, assuming climate neutrality from 2050 check how we want to achieve it


We are close to you

Social campaign "Synthos Agro on the turf"

Every year, several dozen amateur teams from small towns receive support from us in the form of sets of football uniforms. We are proud that we can support local teams which, thanks to the help obtained, pursue their sports goals and ambitions and pass on the spirit of sports competition to future generations.

Thinking about bees

Since 2022, our company has been involved in educational activities related to the protection of bees, which are an important part of the ecosystem. As a supplier of agrochemical solutions for agriculture and horticulture, we feel responsible for environmental protection and supporting its protection.

Meetings with fruit growers and farmers

In cooperation with local fruit growers and farmers, we promote high-quality and safe agrochemical solutions that are part of the Synthos AGRO Plant Protection Programs.

We share the results of the conducted experiments

on our Synthos AGRO YouTube channel