Adjuvant for use with soil herbicides.

It reduces the surface tension of the working liquid, thus facilitating the penetration of the solution into soil pores, ensuring an even distribution of the active ingredient of the herbicide, thus improving its effectiveness; it reduces the evaporation rate of water, which has a positive effect on water retention in the topsoil while improving nutrient availability.


Contains mixtures of non-ionic surfactants.


The product can be used with soil herbicides in any crop.

shelf life:

2 Years

available volumes:

1L, 200 ml

Shake the contents of the container before use. Fill the spray tank to half full, add plant protection product according to the application label. Then add the appropriate amount of HYDRON adjuvant. Fill the spray tank with water up to the appropriate level with the agitator on. Rinse out the container and pour the rinse water into the spray tank. If in doubt, perform a mixing test in other container.


  • Adhere to the provisions of the label content of the plant protection product with which it is used.

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