Magnesium oxide (MgO) water-soluble 16,0% (m/m)

Sulphur trioxide(SO3) water-soluble 32,0% (m/m)

Application of the product:

horticultural, agricultural and horticultural crops


5 years

available packaging:

25 kg
  • Recommended for foliar magnesium and sulfur feeding of cereals from tillering to earing, potatoes, beets and legumes.
  • The fertilizer is widely used for fertigation of horticultural crops under the covers of: tomato, cucumber, and pepper.
  • For enrichment of horticultural substrates (e.g. peat substrates) for vegetable seedlings and for growing plants under covers.
  • Particularly useful for fertigation by drip irrigation systems.
  • Recommended for foliar feeding of crops with high sulfur demand, such as rape.
  • Component of fertilizer mixtures.
  • WE fertilizer.