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In HOME AND GARDEN category we have Biocides (biocidal products) and selected products from the range of plant-protection products.


Biocides (biocidal products) are chemicals used to suppress organisms that are harmful to human or animal health, or which cause damage to natural or manufactured materials. Biocidal products are intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, prevent the action of, or control the effect on any harmful organism by chemical, biological, physical or mechanical means. Examples include disinfectants, preservatives, and antiseptics. The role of biocides is to prevent or contain the development of harmful organisms that affect phytosanitary conditions in residential, public, and commercial buildings.

Note! Biocides can be harmful and cause poisoning when used and handled carelessly. Label instructions attached to each product must be strictly observed.

Make sure plant-protection products are handled with the appropriate precautions. Before each use, always read the information provided on the label and the enclosed product information. Pay attention to the warning phrases and symbols provided on the product labels.

Selected products from the range of plant-protection products offered in HOUSE AND GARDEN category: Miedzian 50 WP, Miedzian Extra 350 SC, Orkan 350 SL i Xapiro 05 SC.