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Dedicated R&D

The laboratory is where we conduct development work both on our own products and on the product formulas for external customers. The laboratory equipment enables full quality control of the products obtained in accordance with the accepted international standards.

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Formulation services

Production of all formulations at the same time - without the risk of cross-contamination.
Separate production lines for herbicides as well as for fungicides and insecticides.

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Packaging services

Automated packaging lines including palletising stage.
A wide portfolio of packaging in various formats and capacities.

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The raw materials supplied are stored separately by material type, until they are used up. Both the storage site and safety conditions in both warehouses meet all legal requirements concerning the storage of plant protection products (PPP).

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Our Portfolio

To meet expectations of our customers,
we are constantly working to expand the scope of services
in offer and develop our portfolio of active substances.

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Professionalism is what makes us stand out in dealing with trade partners. We guarantee the highest quality of service in compliance with all quality standards, safety reasons and legal requirements. High flexibility when it comes to terms of cooperation allows us to tailor the contract to the individual needs and requirements of each customer.

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