Dedicated R&D

The laboratory of the R&D Department of Synthos AGRO conducts research both on its own products and on product recipes for
external customers.

In our projects, we place special emphasis on the innovation of products.

We develop formulas of plant protection products in new combinations of active substances and formulations enabling the implementation of the principles of integrated pest management as well as user-and environment-friendly solutions.

We use modern adjuvants, surfactants and auxiliaries.

The laboratory equipment enables us to carry out work on many types of PPP formulations:

  • Liquid forms
    • SL
    • EC
    • EW
    • SC
    • SE
    • OD
    • FS
  • Solid forms
    • WP
    • WG
    • SG

Confidence and safety of research expertise

Analytical laboratories are equipped with modern devices that allow for product quality control in
ccordance with the guidelines of standardization organizations such as CIPAC and FAO.

Our products are tested in physicochemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological tests.

In order to assess the stability of the formulation over time, we subject the products to aging tests.

Research staff and technical facilities

Modern research and analytical laboratories
A team of qualified research staff
Technological supervision over the implementation of new products
Preparation of technological regulations