About us

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Synthos Agro’s business strategy is based on the 360° philosophy.

Its basic principle is to ensure the best quality of crops by delivering special-purpose fertilizers and other best-quality products, offering highly effective plant-protection against adverse biotic factors.

Synthos AGRO is a leading supplier of plant-protection products. Our products guarantee full protection and the highest quality of crops.


We offer:

The protection of seedlings – at the earliest stage of plant growth - seed dressing

The protection of plants against the damaging effects of pathogenic fungi in all of the vegetation season's months - fungicides and bactericides

The protection of plants against pests during plant growth and development

Protection against weeds - herbicides

Supplying plants with essential micronutrients and macroelements - special-purpose fertilizers

Our long-term strategy foresees the stage-by-stage implementation of the market value of the Synthos Agro business line. The purpose is to take the best advantage of the product licences acquired by Synthos, and to develop new products and formulations.


Another goal is to integrate all aspects of crop protection and fertilization, such as:


  • professional consultancy
  • training for customers to enrich their knowledge of new developments and trends in agriculture and horticulture
  • well-developed warehousing facilities, quick delivery, efficient sales network
  • reliable and timely deliveries

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