Packaging services

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Automated packaging lines

We have four modern, fully automated packaging lines
- each with a dedicated tank completed with a pouring system
for herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

Fully automated process
(including palletising stage)

Packaging lines for liquid products with a separate pouring system for herbicides, fungicides and insecticides

Line for powders and granulates

A wide portfolio of packaging in various formats and capacities

Packaging formats

SL 0.5l1l5l10l
WP / WG0.5-2kg1-20kg10-25kg

Packaging product types

Packaging products in a permanent offer and at an individual customer request.

0.5l / 1l

5l / 10l / 20l

0.5-2kg / 1-20kg / 10-25kg

Dedicated systems

All production and packaging systems have a positive impact on environmental protection thanks to such solutions as: encapsulation, dust extraction, detection of hazardous substances, distributed DCS control system enabling supervision and running processes from the computer control room. The system is fitted with modern control and measurement equipment and automation that significantly increases safety of the process.

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